"To exhibit solid wood elements in the frames of modern materials".

The Free Tree is a family run studio workshop in central Poland since 2011. 
We create and ship worldwide modern wooden artworks and furniture. The basic premise of each project we undertake is using wood elements while maintaining the natural form of the wood and underlining its beauty. We stick to environmentally friendly approach throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

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We are EU-VAT registered company, we make commercial invoices for businesses we deal with.One can reach us at feetreestudio/at/gmail.com or dialing +48 509 217 212


Our vision: to move natural artwork into the frames of modern materials

The basic premise of each project we undertake is using wood elements while maintaining the natural form of the wood and underlining its beauty. Nature itself creates true works of art. The shapes and patterns of wood are indeed outstanding. All we want to do is dress wood in a modern form and take care of its functionality. Our job is to move these natural pieces of art into residential and commercial space, processing them as little as possible in order to maintain their natural quality.  Wood in its naturalness and austerity reminds us of our roots which are continuously connected. The irregular shapes of wood and the unique varieties of patterns are also an excellent opportunity to take a moment to relax and contemplate the artwork of nature…

Design and materials

Our designs are a synthesis of natural art and modern man-made materials. The soul of each piece of furniture we make is always a piece of solid wood. Its austerity and irregular shape contrasts with the straight forms of metal, glass or plexiglass. These give our furniture simple, modern geometry and a stable form. The shapes of our pieces are simple and practical - we avoid adding unnecessary ornaments or non-functional elements. The frame, unless it is an essential part of the design, is frugal or hardly visible. All the materials complement each other to make a new, fuller quality. The results of this synergy are original and sophisticated yet functional and durable. Wood and the industrial components of metal and glass make every furnishing a unique fusion of forest and urban environments. Such a combination of raw yet warm nature and modernity perfectly fits into the interior design of apartments and commercial premises. 

Wood sourcing and manufacturing – our environmentally friendly approach 

We source wood mostly from the state governed forests. Those trees are cut down according to sustainable felling planned years ahead, so none of the trees we buy are cut down for the purpose of making our furniture. We also collect part of trees which remain unused after felling. Branches, crowns, roots and crooked trunks are not valuable for industrial processing but their forms and shapes make excellent material for our projects. We use different species of trees to show a variety of colors and ring shapes. All our creationsis finished with organic oils or waxes to maintain the environmentally friendly quality and natural freshness of the wood.
We stick to our environmentally friendly approach throughout the entire manufacturing process. Caring for the environment and your comfort, we impregnate our furniture and protect each piece against dust and dirt using organic oils and waxes only. We work with British Fiddes, German Livos and Finnish Tikkurila oils which are based on natural components: linseed oil, wax, resin and wood oils. The composition of these is either 100 % organic or contains trace amounts of solvents. These oils don’t cover the wood with a chemical skin. Organic oils and waxes enhance the beauty of the wood and protect it very well. And, what is most important: organically impregnated wood does not lose any of its freshness or naturalness!

Woodworking – a long process 

Woodworking is a very time-consuming process as most of the work is done by hand using simple tools. Starting from claiming the pieces of wood from the forest to the final finishing, each piece passes through our hands several times. Each, even the smallest, piece is treated individually with due care and attention to fully bring out its natural beauty and to not interfere with its raw and natural character.The whole process of making the furniture, from inspiration to completion, takes plenty of time. After claiming the wood we air dry it for 1 to 36 months. Thenwe kiln dry it. Afterwards, the wood is sawed, cleaned, smoothed, leveled or fixed into frames, then precisely cut, triple sanded, oiled and polished. 
Although this process is a lot of fun, a lot of hard work is also done. But the effects are truly rewarding…

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